Yoga Nidra for Sleep

Many people believe that they sleep is not enough relaxing. They are not able to solve tension, and they do not know how much stress they were performed. With time these tensions and stresses journey into the body and mind and become the seeds the physical and mental illnesses. In last year's sleep deprivation and sleep disorders such as insomnia has reached epidemic proportions. Sleep deprivation greatly increase the risk of chronic degenerative diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, depression and obesity, and premature death. Many people try sleep with their mind is still working. This is dangerous thinking and is a symptom of stress and anxiety. It becomes an unconscious habit that harms our health and happiness. Knowledge of how to disable over-thinking and worry is the key to relax and a deep sleep. And one of the simplest ways is Yoga Nidra practice.

Yoga Nidra is the wakeful deep sleep which is practiced by yogas. There are three main conditions of consciousness are specified: wakefulness, a dream with dreams and a deep sleep without dreams. But the yoga Nidra is a special case: you leave a wakefulness condition, pass a dream condition with dreams and are able to a deep sleep without dreams, thus remaining in consciousness. In the ancient time wise men used the Yoga Nidra to investigate the impressions which have left a deep print in consciousness. These impressions strongly influence our actions and on a karma. Yoga Nidra practice allows to clear the deepest layers of consciousness.

Patience is the very important part of Yoga Nidra practice. probability you won't reach a special condition of consciousness from the first attempt. Beginners often lose the sensibleness, many simply fall asleep. but it is a good signal: he says that you on a right way. Thus the relaxation has positive impact on mental, emotional and physical health. At some instant your immersion becomes deeper, probably, only for some seconds, like flash. Gradually you will come to longer condition of the realized dream. Yoga Nidra is the one of the best practice that allows you to relax you body and get deep rest of mind. In practice you can recharge mind energy and rejuvenate yourself. Yoga Nidra remove the underlying tension and improve your ability to sleep peacefully. Keep in mind that Yoga Nidra can't completely replace sleep, but for relaxation: 30 minutes of Yoga Nidra equivalent to 4 hours of normal sleep!