Yoga Nidra Practice

Practice the Yoga Nitra best of all in a yoga class or at home in a convenient and pure situation in the closed room and at normal temperature. Privacy is very important. Avoid sudden breaks. It is desirable to practice not in full darkness and not at bright lighting, and in the twilight since extremes very negatively influence operability of a brain: full darkness immerses in a dream, and bright lighting excessively intensifies wakefulness. The room before occupations should be aired well. Avoid drafts and if the fan is switched on — don't lie under direct streams of air. If nevertheless yoga Nitra is made on an open place, it is necessary to cover the head and a body to avoid any physical impacts.

Practice the Yoga Nitra daily at the same time: early in the morning between4 and 6 o'clock or in the evening before a withdrawal to a dream to prepare an organism for a deep and fresh sleep.

The Yoga Nitra practice next the heart or 3 hours later after dense heavy food and half an hour after easy refreshing drinks. People with the increased acidity can drink fearlessly a little tea, coffee, fruit juice, to eat bread or cookies, but at whom the lowered acidity, shouldn't accept anything before occupations.

The most important — don't fall asleep. If you feel that almost fall asleep and can fall asleep before occupations — take a cold shower. When you are ready for practice just start video and listen: