How to do Yoga Nidra

The are some important things that you should know to start practice Yoga Nidra. Usually Yoga Nidra session continues from 25 to 60 minutes. Practice method is pretty simple and it can be mastered even by listening to audio recordings. Before you begin to practice, find a quiet room, close all doors and windows, turn off the radio and TV. Now you can play audio and go into the pose Savasana, listening to the voice of the instructor. You should follow the thoughts of that voice. No attentively and do not control your breathing - just listen and obey the instructions mentally. The most important of the session is to abstain from sleep. If you fall asleep, you lose much needed for this practice mindfulness. Yoga Nidra practice involves the following steps:


Yoga Nidra is performed in Shavasana, which minimizes the interaction of the senses through omission of body parts. Particularly sensitive fingertips should palms are facing up. Clothes should not embarrass you. In the room nothing should distracting. There should be neither cold nor hot and no drafts. Vision is distracted from the perception of objects by simply closing the eyes. Attention is directed to the voice of the instructor. If you are trying to forcibly eliminate your senses, the mind is restless and upset. So he continues to think about external sounds, moving from one sound to another, as a witness. After some time, mind loses interest in the lesson and automatically calms.

Define your Sankalpa

You should formulate very thoroughly your Sankalpa (formula determination to your treasured desire). End result from Yoga Nidra depends on how accurately, clear, convincing and laconically your formulate Sankalpa. Otherwise, Sankalpa not penetrate into the subconscious and will not eliminate the unit from which you want to get rid of. Here are some positive installations which can be used:

I awakened the spiritual force

I transfer this force to another

I am awakened and active

I am absolutely healthy

Choose one of variants according to your needs and bents. You also can formulate any other installation, but remember that it should be really important for you. The formulation should be in the present (as though it already occurred to you) and to be positive (without use not). Once chosen Sankalpa shouldn't be replaced by another, and don't expect immediate result. The success depends on many composed among which your sincerity and resolute intention are the major.

Now you are ready for practice and consciousness rotation.