Yoga Nidra for Children

Yoga Nidra can be taught to very young children, given their nature and children's needs. It should be remembered that the children of 8 to 14 years is extremely difficult to remain motionless and stay in one place for at least 10 minutes, despite the fact that they relax more quickly and more deeply than adults. Therefore, we can restrict classes from 10 to 15 minutes. Especially effective rotation of consciousness can be made by using children's imagination, stimulate the imagination: you can invite them to the butterfly, which falls on different parts of the body, or, for example, turn on the light whenever any part of the body is called. One can imagine the body, as an island. Children are not so tense as adults and they are almost immediately able to go to the visualization, while adults need to go through and learn the skills of complete relaxation of the body, without which the further exercise of Yoga Nidra. Children are more open, trusting and receptive, which greatly facilitates the work of the instructor.

Preparing a child for Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra with children can be practiced in any position, but the best way to do this is if they lie on their backs in Shavasana. Make sure that the head, neck and shoulders in a straight line. Your arms should be extended along the body, palms up, legs are straight, feet slightly apart. You can start with alternating tension and relaxation of the body, from the feet and legs and ending with facial muscles. Then the child should be completely relax in Shavasana and listen to the instructor during the rotation or revolution of consciousness.

Rotation of consciousness

Relax your whole body completely, as if exhaling all the tension. Gradually, the body becomes more and more difficult. When I call the parts of the body, do not move them, but just to feel them. Follow my voice, and do not sleep. Be aware of your right hand right thumb, second finger, third finger, fourth finger, fifth finger, the entire right hand, the entire right arm, shoulder, right chest, waist, hip, whole right leg, right foot, toes - one , two, three, four, five, all five fingers.

Go to the left hand: left thumb, second finger, third finger, fourth finger, fifth finger, the entire left hand, the whole left arm, shoulder, left chest, waist, hip, the entire left leg, left foot, his left foot - One, two, three, four, five, all five fingers together.

Feel both feet together, two feet together, buttocks, abdomen, chest, back, two shoulder blades, two arms, neck, head, top of head, forehead, eyes, right ear, left ear, nose, right cheek, left cheek, mouth, lips, tongue, teeth, chin, his face, the whole head, the entire neck, entire back, four limbs. The whole body as a whole, whole body, the whole body.

Feel the contact between the body and the floor, his head resting-I to the floor, shoulders off the floor, elbows on the floor, buttocks rest on the floor, calves and heels touching the ground run into the ground.


Imagine that you inflate your favorite transparent | ball that is in your chest. When inhaling balloon is inflated, the balloon compresses the exhale. Begin to count the number of breaths down from 10 to 0. Be careful not to make a mistake in the bill and not to confuse the breath you exhale. Imagine that the air is moving alternately in and out of the navel and then goes in and out of the left nostril, and then from the right nostril.

Internal visualization of love

Relax your body and imagine the heart of which lies in the middle of the chest. Make sure your mouth is closed and imagine that you are breathing in and out through your heart. Breathe deeply and always be aware of each breath. Imagine that with every breath you absorb in the air golden brown and the golden air passes through the heart and spreads throughout your body. Fill in your body that air gold, which fills you purity and strength. You feel the power of love and kindness saturate you as you are ready with every breath more love and understanding. With every breath of you leave the dark forces that have prevented you and make you sick and suffering. All oppressive, burdensome, malice and bad memory as it pushed this air gold and you become kinder, happier and healthier. Switch your attention to the room in which you are engaged in yoga nidra. Let your love be shed on this room.


You're back to your body, which lies in the ball-Bashan in this room. You already perceive external sounds and the fact that you are lying in Shavasana in this room. Now, mentally say to yourself your fondest desire or goal for the day. Say this formula three times. Start slowly moving parts of the body and when you feel that it is quite aware of where you are, sit with legs crossed and eyes closed, Sing with me three times OM.